The Crown – Robert Lacey

Robert Lacey, the well-known British journalist, is the author of some bestselling books like The Kingdom, Ford: The Men and the Machine, and Majesty. For a few years now, Lacey has lived both in London and Saudi Arabia for research work.

Lacey is a famous British historian who’s famous for his highly original research work which got and still gets him in close proximity to his subjects of study. Robert Lacy has written numerous books that became international bestsellers.

The Crown – the inside story, relates to the period 1947-1955 and is all about how Elizabeth II was prepared for the throne in the days of Winston Churchill. The book is the basis of the successful Netflix drama series The Crown, and the book includes exclusive images and additional material.

The book is a fascinating and entertaining exploration of Queen Elizabeth II’s early years, first as Princess and later as Queen. The book comes with extensive and well-documents research, beautiful reproductions, and a lot of additional interesting material. Check out also this post about the Behavioral Theory of Learning.

Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926, in London, UK, and was married to Philip Mountbatten in 1947. She never thought that her father would pass away so suddenly leaving his daughter with the British throne to fill in 1952 and to govern a globally operating institution. Elizabeth was crowned at the age of 25 when she had already been a wife and a mother for some years. The book (like the Netflix Series) follows the difficult journey of a young woman who’s learning to be a queen.

The young queen was facing her own problems and challenges as Britain was lifting itself up after the Second World War. Elizabeth’s mother had expressed her doubts about Elizabeth’s marriage, she had an uncle-in-exile who was deriding her abilities and skills, her own husband Philip Mountbatten was resenting his career’s sacrifice and his family name, and Elizabeth’s rebellious sister was embarking on a dubious love affair

All this was threatening the centuries-old ties and relations the Church of England and the British Crown. The book is the true story of how the young queen, Elizabeth II, was drawing on every single ounce of resolve to make sure the Crown was always coming out on top of it all.

The original Netflix’s series The Crown was a dramatization of a powerful portrayal by Peter Morgan of the longest reigning queen or king Britain has ever known. Robert Lacey, the famous British royal biographer, added in-depth and expert details to the series through his book The Crown: The Inside History. In this book, Lacey paints a very intimate portrait of what’s been going on inside 10 Downing Street and Buckingham Palace. Robert Lacey and the Netflix series are portraying Queen Elizabeth II in a way that’s truly unique.

About Robert Lacey

Author Robert Lacey has functioned as a historical consultant when The Crown was produced. Previously, Lacey had been working with Peter Morgan when he was producing his Oscar-awarded theatre movie The Queen. Lacey is a famous British historian who wrote a great number of internationally acclaimed literary works including Inside the Kingdom (about Saudi Arabia), and Majesty, a groundbreaking and historically interesting biography of Elizabeth II. Robert Lacey has documented the extraordinary life of Queen Elizabeth II for over 40 years, and he is the ideal person to reveal and explain the secrets and mysteries of her exceptionally long reign.