New GED Test

GEDFor decades, the General Educational Development (GED) examination has offered men and women who never finished high school the chance to obtain the equivalent of a high school diploma. Students could follow often free GED preparation class.

The American Council on Education (ACE), the responsible body for the GED test, had in cooperation with publisher Pearson VUE changed the examination to meet adjusted requirements from industry, schools an, society in general and to better prepare applicants to success in institutions of higher education.

In 2014, ACE, which is consisting of approximately 1,800 degree-granting educational facilities, introduced far-reaching adjustments to the GED test with the objective to stimulate adult learners to remain learning for an associate’s or bachelor’s degree.

Most US states introduced the new GED examination in 2014. The old GED test contained five subject, and in the new test, this has changed into four content areas, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and Social studies.

The new GED exam continues to measure the fundamental knowledge and competencies that are necessary for success in the future, says Chris Johnson from the website MyCareerTools.

The GED test was first developed in 1942 to help World War II veterans obtain a high school diploma equivalency, and through the years around 18 million persons have completed the GED examination, and every year around half a million people pass the examination.

It is the objective of the GED to provide adults with more options to acquire a high school diploma equivalency in order to receive extended education and better employment perspectives. There are some forty million US citizens who never finished high school and the present-day GED program actually reaches only two percent of these people.

The new 2014 GED examination is completely computer-based and therefore give applicants improved access to the exam. This update of the GED program was really needed to prepare them according to modern requirements of post-secondary education and tomorrow’s employment opportunities. The new all computer-based GED examination continues to require test-takers to appear in person at an official testing center.

In January, 2014, the 2002-series of the GED test was replaced by a computer delivery model. The new GED examination includes the most recent requirements in testing evolution including complex item models that must have a computer-based delivery platform, and will better prepare learners according to new education and industry standards in all jurisdictions (except Canada).

You can see a massive amount of discussions on the usefullness and effects of the new 2014 GED examination, but to balance the discussion we will show you some benefits of the new test:

– It has become much easier for candidates to register for the test because of an easy-to-use online registration and scheduling system

– Candidates are able to view their score reports instantly on four of the five test subjects

– Candidates don’t longer need to acquire test books and other paper materials.

– Everything is centralized. Registration, scheduling, testing and scoring will become more efficient.

The GED exam was modified to some extent in 2002 to meet with new school and employment standards, and the exam became more difficult, particularly in the math section. The new 2014 assessment has even become a more challenging stepping-stone to a greater future.

In 2014, the GED Testing Service introduces a completely new examination to make sure that the GED program no longer was an education finish line for people, but more like a starting point to obtain continued schooling, and a way to obtain better-paying employment.

The all-new exam continues to offer adult learners the prospect of earning a high school credential, yet it goes much further because it additionally measures a candidate’s level of skills required needed for a further college education or tomorrow’s employment.

Candidates who complete the GED examination must continue to be comparable with students who obtain their high school diploma in a conventional way. Extensive research shows that applicants who successfully pass the new assessment will be far better ready for the things to come in their lives.

A student who passes the new test will not just have a high school diploma equivalency, but hold a better map to increase the chances for future success.

The new GED examination is a stepping-stone to access colleges and universities and will provide students with better career opportunities and higher wages.

In November 2012, GED Testing Service refreshed the Assessment Guide for Educators and Item Sampler. Both items are published online, and you can use them very well as tools to become familiarized with the all-new GED examination.

All these new changes are substantial, and teachers and administrators were required to improve and update their expertise and skills to be able to properly teach GED applicants. All instructors needed to actively find options available for professional improvement. This was absolutely needed if they wanted to continue to help their students meet up with the increased requirements of the new GED exam.

As indicated before, from January 2014 on, candidates no longer could use pencil and paper. The entire exam must be completed on a computer, and there are two different categories of scoring.

The new examination distinguishes between a candidate’s high school curriculum knowledge with the objective to enter college or for career purposes. Apart from this major adjustment, we can see these 5 big changes with regards to the approaching GED examination that were introduced in 2014.

– The first and most significant change was the alteration to Constructed Item Response. The new examination includes both brief answer and extensive subject response writing exercises, on all four sections. The extended item response elements are on the literacy and social studies categories.

– The second change is more visible as the new test can be done only on computer. No longer will candidates be able to take the paper-based exam. From 2014 on, candidates need to be acquainted with keyboards and computers to take the exam. Applicants should take all available practice opportunities and preparation programs to get familiar with computer-based testing.

– The third change was that the new GED exam is lined up according to the Common Core Standards. This is done to improve the examination’s accordance with the knowledge and skills needed for future success in career and college. The Common Core Standards are being put into practice throughout K-12 throughout the country.

– The fourth change is the presentation of new item types in the exam. All GED examinations, also the current version, have always contained multiple choice questions, and the new GED exam includes a few more of these questions, and some new item types. The purpose of these new items types is to allow a candidate to demonstrate more in-depth skills and competencies.

– The fifth change probably have the most impact. The existing GED examination does not require candidates to have earlier knowledge before completing the exam. The new test, however, requires that candidates must have prior knowledge if they want to successfully complete the exam.

This implies that the GED exam is no longer regarded as just a reading comprehension test, but that applicants, if they want to be successful, must have background information in various subjects such as social studies and science.

Many people had second thoughts about the new GED exam, and some indicated that it would become more difficult to receive a GED certificate by all these changes. They couldn’t see that computer-based testing is better due to the fact that quite a lot of people that take the examination just don’t have the required typing skills.

Additionally, GED students need to have more knowledge of mathematics, and other components. The new exam is more difficult to match general education and employment requirements. Also, it has become more expensive to take the new examination.

Many people think that for all those who are considering to obtain a GED certification, the best they can do is to go ahead and sign up for GED preparation courses straight away and complete the examination as soon as you can.