What you should know about MBA Requirements

MBA - Master of Business AdministrationMany students ask us what are the MBA requirements so this post is all about it. To be accepted in one of the business schools, you must meet the necessary prerequisites.

These MBA requirements may differ from school to school but there are basic requirements that apply to each and every school.

To be considered for an MBA program in a business school in the US, you must complete at least 16 years of undergraduate studies including a four year degree course in college. Next off, you must comply with the admission process of the school you are applying.

They may also vary but most schools follow equivalent admission systems. Check also our research about top online MBA no GMAT no GRE required programs.
To help you out, here’s a step by step guide on the admission process:

    1. Acquire an application form from the school. Because almost all schools have websites, you can download it from there. Be aware of the deadline of submission. Fill-up the application form completely. Be comprehensive and honest in filling up the information required.
    2. Your previous academic records from schools you’ve attended are also of utmost importance to get admitted to an MBA program. Schools require you to submit these records. You may request for them from your former schools.
    3. You must also have taken the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and Test of English as a Foreign Language( TOEFL). TOEFL is a requirement for non-native English speakers. Business schools use the findings of these tests as basis for admission.
    4. For most business schools work experience is a must. A work experience for at least 2-3 years would suffice to ensure that applicants are determined to pursue an MBA education. It can also give you a foundation of the basics in business and management because it will be a great help in your studies. Some schools may consider applicants with no work experience but will prioritize those with experience.
    5. A recommendation letter from a professor in college, manager at work, or any person who is familiar with your performance and capabilities is important to get you a slot for an MBA program. Included in the letter is the length of time the person knows the applicant, description of how the applicant performs and the importance of an MBA education is to the applicant.
    6. Admission essay is also a requirement as this will give the university an initial impression of you, the applicant. This essay will give you an opportunity to describe your experiences, share your goals and show them how well you can communicate your ideas and accomplishments in a relevant and clear writing

Lastly, after you have surpassed all the vital admission process mentioned above, you’ll have to go through an interview. An interview is meant to assess applicants face to face to get to know them better. This interview is usually conducted by a school representative or the admission board.