Fear Shows You Where To Go


Do you believe everything in life has a purpose? Do you believe, for example, that there’s a reason why you have to face your fears from time to time? Why are we afraid of certain people or situations? Do you sometimes ask yourself this question or do you let yourself be overwhelmed by the fear?

I do believe everything has a purpose. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to find an answer to why that bird left something on my bicycle seat the other day. What I’m trying to tell you is that I try not to let myself be thrown off by negative emotions or negativity in general. Especially not fear.

Take someone who’s afraid of meeting new people as an example. I think most of us feel some kind of fear when we are about to meet someone new or when we go to a party where most of the people are new to us.

For most of us, fear is an exaggeration in such cases, excitement is more appropriate. For others, however, it can be downright terrifying. What has purpose to do with all this? Well, I know when I feel fear arising that it’s time to push myself to the next level.

Change Isn’t Fun

People simply don’t like change that much. For many of us, change brings fear for the change itself. Years ago, I could really look forward to a vacation, until the moment I actually had to go. At that moment, I rather stayed where I was, because I was afraid to trade my comfy surroundings for new people and new experiences.

Luckily this fear disappeared quite quickly once I was on my way. The fear had been replaced by excitement about what was about to come. Anticipation, if you will. Why did it disappear? Hang on, I’ll tell you in a minute.

What I learned through the years is how to properly deal with fear if it arises. I try not to see it as fear, but rather as a guide. Fear simply shows me where I want to be by saying to me “Don’t go there! You’re out of your mind!”. If I feel fear for something I want to do or experience, I know that is exactly where I need to go. Afterwards it feels great. It feels simply fantastic.

Why do you think it feels great? First of all, overcoming fear always gives a fantastic feeling, because you have achieved something you didn’t expect possible. People who go skydiving for the first time are terrified. Who in their right mind want to jump out of an airplane? Afterwards, they feel like they can conquer the world.

Why’s that? Second, by facing your fears and overcoming them, you have left your comfort zone and explored the world behind the fear. What’s more, you noticed that you actually like what’s beyond your comfort zone, beyond your fear.

Fear Absorbs Your Energy

So, why do these mad, skydiving people feel great afterwards. The fear takes away all your energy and you feel like a rag. By overcoming your fear, you don’t allow your fear to absorb all your precious energy. Instead, you take control of that precious resource and feel awesome!

Overcoming your fear has another benefit. The nagging, uncomfortable feeling when fear wanders through your body, robbing you from your energy, disappears. I can’t stress this enough: feel your emotions and they will disappear. That’s why we have feelings. That’s why they are called, feelings. I think most people would name them thinkers if they had the choice.

Most people think about their feelings instead of feeling them. The day I started feeling my feelings, I was so impressed that I started applying it as much as I could. The great thing is that you can also begin feeling positive emotions. It surprises me that so many people are afraid of their emotions, even the positive ones. I am not kidding.

Challenge Yourself

Before wrapping things up, I want to warn you that not every form of fear is there to be your guide. I am sure you understand what I mean by that. If you are in a burning building, the right thing to do is to get out as fast as possible. The fear I’m talking about in this post tells you what you want to do deep down, but are afraid to do.

Fear of a burning building is good and will save you from getting hurt. However, you might want to start taking those dancing classes, even though you are trembling with fear at the very thought.

The next time you feel fear arise, ask yourself the question “What am I afraid of?” or “What triggers this fear?”. Look your fear in the eyes and smile. Feel the fear, watch it disappear, and do the one thing you are afraid to do. You’ll be surprised at the results, I guarantee you.