Has The Economy Affected You? Go back to school!

As financial markets around the world continue to go up and down like a yo-yo, a lot of people are scared.  Companies everywhere are laying off employees, freezing open positions, and cutting back any way they can…including salary increases and bonuses. days when you can get a job without a HS diploma are gone.

I personally know a lot of people with hefty mortgages who are worried they could be out on the street if they lost their job (or if their cost of living continues to skyrocket while their salary remains the same).  They feel like they’re on a wild roller coaster ride that has gone out of control.

This lack of control is one of the primary reasons I started my own business to make money online.  The thought of being completely reliant on the whims of some faceless corporation scares the hell out of me.  I need to know that if times are tough I can fend for myself.

That said, a lot of internet marketers are feeling a crunch too as consumers are less willing to open their wallets to buy new products and services.  Advertisers too may scale back spending which could hurt those that rely on AdSense or blog ad space for income.

A lot depends on the niche…I think in general the “make money online” niche will continue to do well as millions of people looking to make extra money to supplement their income flood the internet.  Other niches will be less fortunate.  For some of my niche websites the last month has seen a drop in conversions that I suspect has a lot to do with the health of the economy.

What about you?  What kind of effects have you seen?  And what do you see for your future?


If you weren’t already aware, today is Blog Action Day…a day in which blogs around the world have pledged to post about a common topic to change the conversation and raise awareness about a serious issue. This year’s topic is poverty.

I think we’re all familiar with poverty. And its not just the drunken homeless man sleeping in the corner of the bus stop…all around us there are people struggling to get by and teetering on the brink of a financial abyss.

  • It could be your next door neighbor who lost his job and now eats boxed macaroni and cheese for dinner 4 nights a week.
  • It could be the single mom who never has a chance to get her HS diploma and now cant find a job.
  • It could be the elderly couple trying to survive on Social Security.
  • These people are all around us and I think its only human to stop for a minute and think of the people who have less than you.

How can you help someone in need?

  • Winter is coming and that almost-new coat you never wear because it makes you look chunky could keep someone else warm on those frigid days to come.
  • Help people without proper education to go back to school, GED classes are usually free, and what people need is motivation and emotional support when things don´t go well. My friend failed the GED test, she was short just of 60 out of 580 points. I found her GED tests for practicing math and we did the whole course together.
  • Old clothes that don’t fit or just sit in your closet would be perfect for those who can’t afford to replace their own worn out wardrobe. Children’s clothes are especially helpful. How would you feel if it were your daughter who got made fun of for wearing the same outfit everyday?
  • Donating food can help keep people from starving to death. And don’t just give them the old lima beans and peas that you don’t like. Give them something they might actually enjoy.
  • Toy drives are popular around the holidays. It breaks my heart to think of little children who have no presents to open up on Christmas Day. An inexpensive stuffed animal, fire truck, or doll can give a child a happy holiday.
  • Please take a moment today to think about people who are less fortunate than you. If each of makes just a small gesture we can come together and make a world of difference.

If you already completed your secondary education and want to continue in college, you may want to take the SAT and also here preparation is crucial. Find out all about it here.

Please spread the word and pass this post along to your friends. And if you have your own blog I encourage you to post about poverty today too…and you can even leave a comment below with a link to you blog action day post…