Common file formats in college and how to open them

While you’re in college, professors may require you to open specific files to read, do homework, and to study. If you are unable to open these files, you’ll be in big trouble.

1. PDF – FoxIt Reader
A “PDF” is marked by the file extension “.pdf”. These files are all over the Internet and are very common in college. FoxIt Reader will open them for you. You might also try Adobe Reader, though FoxIt is a bit faster.

2. DOC/DOCX – Open Office
The file extensions “.doc” and “.docx” are Microsoft Word files. Although Microsoft Word will open these files, Microsoft Word is not free and so many may not have it. Open Office is free and will open these files.

Only Microsoft Office 2007 and newer can open “.docx” files, so if you are unable to open one, try using this online converter to convert it back to “.doc”.

Alternatively, you could download the free Word Viewer program from Microsoft, which will open .doc and .docx (you just won’t be able to edit it). You may also need to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

3. DJVU – WinDjView
DJVU, pronounced “deja-vu”, are an open-source alternative to PDF files, but are much more rare. To open a “.djvu” file, use WinDjView (or MacDjView, offered on the same page).

4. PPT – Open Office

PowerPoint Files! “.ppt” designates a PowerPoint file. As with .doc and .docx, you could use Microsoft Office, but Open Office works just as well for free.

5. JPG/GIF/BMP – IrfanView
These are just common image files, and your computer should be able to open all of these without trouble: “.jpg”, “.jpeg”, “.gif”, “.bmp”. However, if you’re having trouble, IrfanView can open pretty much anything.

What words do you have trouble spelling?

It seems like there are a few words that I can just never seem to right way to spell. No matter how many times I write them, I just can’t quite get the spelling down. Spelling words rarely comes hard to me, but these words are just a nuisance.

For every post that I write I (usually) always hit “spellcheck” before posting. Often times, the misspelled words are one of the words I have trouble with. I’ve made a nice list of words that irritate me:

  1. Many times, I can tell that the word looks wrong, but can’t figure out what I did wrong without referring to spellcheck. Even just making this list I misspelled four of them.“Exercise”
  2. “Necessary”
  3. “Occurring”
  4. “Severely”
  5. “Separate”
  6. “Exaggerate”
  7. “Embarrass”

What words do you have a hard time remembering to spell?