Inside the Kingdom-About the Book

IMG_1574Kings, Clerics, Modernists, Terrorists and the Struggle for Saudi Arabia. An eye-opening and penetrating study from the bestselling author and journalist.

Inside the Kingdom Author: Robert Lacey
Genre: History
Age Group: Adult

What has happened in the Middle East while we were looking somewhere else? Saudi Arabia is a nation defined by contradiction. It is up to date state driven by modern technology and huge oil deposits, yet its influential religious institutions have its traditions and practices rolled back 1000 years to match some of those of the prophet Muhammad, says author Robert Lacey.

This book Inside the Kingdom has been banned from distribution in Saudi Arabia by the Ministry of Culture and Information. You can read reviews of this book here.

A book Inside the Kingdom by a bestselling author and journalist and Robert Lacey gives you one of the most perceptive ever created looks at Saudi Arabia. Whilst living for years amongst the country princes, its clerics, Lacey attempts to figure out how the consequences of the oil explosion produced a culture at war with itself. Full of stories that outline a path through the Persian Gulf War and the events of 9/11 to the oil market seizures, this book offers us a current history of the Saudi Arabia, enlightening a people attempting to bring together life under religious ruling with the hassle of a quickly changing world. Their effort will have powerful after effects around the globe. Check what others say about this book. 



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