The Crown – Robert Lacey

Robert Lacey, the well-known British journalist, is the author of some bestselling books like The Kingdom, Ford: The Men and the Machine, and Majesty. For a few years now, Lacey has lived both in London and Saudi Arabia for research work.

Lacey is a famous British historian who’s famous for his highly original research work which got and still gets him in close proximity to his subjects of study. Robert Lacy has written numerous books that became international bestsellers.

The Crown – the inside story, relates to the period 1947-1955 and is all about how Elizabeth II was prepared for the throne in the days of Winston Churchill. The book is the basis of the successful Netflix drama series The Crown, and the book includes exclusive images and additional material.

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How to Use Psychological Hardiness for Your Success

Psychological hardiness, also known as “stress hardiness”, is a concept developed by Dr. Suzanne Kobasa.  This concept refers to the mindset that is resistant to the negative impacts of stressful circumstances. Is your job stressful?

The more stress hardy executives had three distinguishing characteristics. I’ve adapted the three Cs of Kobasa [and added a fourth] to the issue of career examination as follows:

1. Commitment: People with a strong sense of commitment to themselves, their families, their work or a personal cause. They believe in their self-worth. They want either to feel better about their current field of professional engagement or find other outlets that will suit them better.

2. Challenge: People who see life as a challenge, welcome considering new career options, and see opportunities, not obstacles.

3. Control: People who feel a sense of control over their lives, and pay attention to the power they have, rather than feeling at the mercy of external influences.

4. Confidence: Confidence is both the byproduct of commitment, control, and challenge, and serves via feedback to engender yet more of those qualities.

Every successful professional has these personal characteristics in abundance. Marshaling them now in your own self-interest is within your capability, and will help keep you focused on your career assessment if you have access to Career Cruising, take advantage of it.

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Why be an angel investor?

Why become an angel? Angels often enjoy serving as advisers, or even helping build companies as directors. The main draw, though, is the fact that seed investing – in which a company raises $500,000 to $2 million – is simply the most lucrative type of private investing.

Seed-stage returns for the first six months of last year averaged 35.4 percent, surpassing the average 29 percent return from all venture capital investing, according to research firm Venture Economics.

Angel investing is not for the average investor: To be an angel, you must be an “accredited investor,” which the Securities and Exchange Commission defines as someone with a net worth of at least $1 million or an annual salary of at least $200,000. A fat wallet is required because a typical angel will sink anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000 in a particular deal.

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Saudi Students in the USA

The educational system of Saudi Arabia has undergone a stunning improvement. Nowadays, the system consists of 27 private and 25 public universities, and this number is growing.

The country has around 30,000 schools and a significant variety of colleges and other educational institutions. The country’s education platform is available to all citizens and offers students free education, free study books, and a care system.

Mohammed Luqman works at King Saud University in Riyadh, and he says that the country needs to concentrate more on higher education. We can find plenty of students in undergrad classes, but what we really do need are more students in higher education. Many of our students want to study abroad,  because of scholarships, or decide to become employed as a consequence of the local and regional need for educated workers. 

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What about the Behaviorism Theory of Learning

I’m quite fascinated by the Behaviorism Theory of Learning and I want to share it with you. This view of learning according to according to the flow behavior, not the other is a change in behavior as a result of the interaction between stimulus and response.

Or in other words, learning (for example for the GED social studies) is the change experienced by students in terms of its ability to behave in new ways as a result of interaction between stimulus and response.

The experts are a lot of work in this genre include Thorndike (1911), Watson (1963), Hull (1943), and Skinner (1968).

1. Thorndike According to Thorndike (1911), co-founder of the flow behavior, learning is a process of interaction between the stimulus (which may be thought, feeling, or movement) and response (which also can include thoughts, feelings, or movement).

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How many colleges should I apply to?

As it comes closer to that wonderful time of college applications, you’ll have to start deciding where you’ll be applying to.

Even if you already have some ideas where to apply to, it’s usually good to decide in concrete first where you’ll be applying. of course, before you apply you need to have a high school diploma if you didn’t get it yet apply fast for free GED classes or programs that are available in every city.

Useful resources:

  • Free GED Classes and Practice Tests offered by Best GED Classes.
  • A variety of resources to get you ready for your BIG goals by KnowHow2GO.

The average student will apply to somewhere between five and ten schools. This gives you a good selection once you know where you’re admitted, and you can pick your best fit of those.

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Why your profile on Facebook should be private re: college admission

Social media doodles elements

Public profiles can jeopardize your chances of being accepted or employed.

Social networking sites like Facebook and others are always a ton of fun. Nowadays, they’re used more than ever to communicate with friends online and to meet new people. If you’re reading this blog, chances are pretty good that you have a profile on Facebook

The problem with such social networking sites is that they provide immediate access to your information for someone who only knows your name.

Everyone hears talk about stalkers, pedophiles, and sexual predators online, and by now we’re all used to the warnings about disclosing information to absolute strangers. This is nothing new.

But what about people who are just interested in looking at your profile to learn more about you? People who don’t really know the real you, but want to? Yeah, secret admirers will do this, but can you think of anyone else who might want to learn more about the real you?

How about colleges? How about possible employers?

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Guidelines for students getting ready to study in the USA

Preparing before arriving in the USA. Scholarship grant and private students need to organize themselves prior to embarking on a life-changing adventure of learning overseas by working on these guidelines:

Research about American Universities

  • You should do some research about some universities before deciding on a school. You can find numerous independently owned sites that will support you in this endeavor.
  • International students may additionally obtain information on various other websites and look for specific programs, such as course or study that do not require the GMAT. You can find websites that list in online MBA studies including the most affordable  MBA programs in the US that are also accredited.

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Why Hoarders and Matt Paxton Support My Decision To Be Here

This is no secret. I watch Hoarders religiously. I will be out with friends on a Tuesday and as they are talking about something really profound, I’m thinking, man I’ve got to get back home. It’s Hoarders night. 

I made it into a ritual. I’d put out some snacks, a soda or four and get to it. Now, the only person I’d watch this was my roommate, Jens. Watching it with him made it worth it. Jens, my roommate, is Deaf. When they’d show a dead cat or pile of poop, his facial expressions are classic. I would rewatch episodes just to get his reaction.

Now I had one rule: during the commercials, I’d clean the house. In those 5 minute spurts, I’d declutter the kitchen, take out the trash, throw away crap I didn’t need in a rapid flurry. Then I’d hear the music and get back to it.

People ask, Ryan….Hoarders? Aren’t you like a media snob? I don’t know— I just loved watching people change and grow (spoiler: some do not). They have a therapist, a social worker, an organizer, and a cleaner as part of the team.

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Fear Shows You Where To Go


Do you believe everything in life has a purpose? Do you believe, for example, that there’s a reason why you have to face your fears from time to time? Why are we afraid of certain people or situations? Do you sometimes ask yourself this question or do you let yourself be overwhelmed by the fear?

I do believe everything has a purpose. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to find an answer to why that bird left something on my bicycle seat the other day. What I’m trying to tell you is that I try not to let myself be thrown off by negative emotions or negativity in general. Especially not fear.

Take someone who’s afraid of meeting new people as an example. I think most of us feel some kind of fear when we are about to meet someone new or when we go to a party where most of the people are new to us.

For most of us, fear is an exaggeration in such cases, excitement is more appropriate. For others, however, it can be downright terrifying. What has purpose to do with all this? Well, I know when I feel fear arising that it’s time to push myself to the next level.

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